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Club Address:
Mystic River Rugby Club
P.O. Box 39
Malden, MA 02148
United States of America

2017-2018 Executive Board 2017-2018 Playing Officers
President: Brett Willis Captain: Open
Vice President: George Johnson Vice Captain: Open
Treasurer: Ben Wallace Ombudsman: Nick St. Germain
Secretary: Ken Fagan Selector: Evin O’Driscoll
Club Development Director: Ben Nathan Old Boy Captain: Ken Fagan
Social Secretary: Aaron Smith
Fixture Secretary: Nick St. Germain Coaches: Josh Smith (D1)
Equipment Secretary: Joseph Kimemiah Nick Murphy (D2)
Field Secretary: Jonathan Gurczak Glen Mannering
Marketing Director: Sean Sawyer Kayne Bubb
Social Media Officer: Michael Rudzinsky Board of Trustees: Steven Whitney
Player Development Director: Kareem Afifi Dave Rudzinsky
Youth Director: Nick Hildebidle Kevin Lyons
Charitable Director: Matt Wilson
Recruiting Officer: Michael Bozza