The Mystics are proud to have excellent relationships with a number of sponsors. The club is always looking to create partnerships that give both the club and sponsors maximum visibility and impact, and has multiple sponsorship opportunities available to prospective sponsors.

Who are we?

Mystic River Rugby is comprised of two organizations based out of Pine Banks Park in Malden/Melrose:

  • The Mystic River Rugby Club is the current Men’s Division I National Champion and a perennial national contender in Men’s Division II competition
    • We host six or more match days at Pine Banks through the fall, where the club generally hosts between one and three matches each day. Visiting teams hail from all over the Northeast, including Boston and New York City
    • We generally have between 60 and 80 active players, with a much larger non-playing membership
    • The club’s Old Boy network in the Greater Boston area is very active and involved in the club
  • The Mystic River Rugby Foundation is a 501(c) charitable organization dedicated to youth rugby
    • Over 100 kids of ages 6 through 18 participate in summer programs two nights a week as well as some Saturdays over the summer
    • Most kids are from the Malden and Melrose area, but kids from all over the Boston area participate

What is the opportunity?

  • All home matches are held on the recently resurfaced Pine Banks turf facilities, where the fences offer a highly visible area for sponsors’ banners right on the playing field
  • The men’s club matches during the fall involve 60-80 players with even more crowd members

What do we offer?

  • A sponsored banner that we will display for the duration of all home match days
  • Production of the banner to your specifications is included in the sponsorship
  • The banner will be 3’ x 8’ and the sponsorship will cost $1000 per year which covers both fall and spring seasons
  • A partner committed to long term relationships – the club has remained loyal to our primary sponsors, the Briar Group of bars, for nearly a decade
  • A partner that is heavily invested in Pine Banks Park and the surrounding area

Further sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available.
Please contact Mikey Rudzinsky to explore our offerings and get more information.

We invite you to click on our current sponsor’s image to learn more about their products and services! The club’s current sponsors are: