The Flock

As part of an ongoing effort to ensure the financial sustainability of the club, we are expanding our booster program to include three donation levels of monthly giving. We hope to build on the fantastic success of our 30 for $30 program which has seen over 60 participants!

All of our existing 30 for $30 members will be converted into our Flock program as Silver Gulls at the $30/Month donation level.

Joining our Golden Gulls Flock will get you an exclusive Mystic River National Champions Canterbury Rugby Ball for a $60/Month donation.

Our premier Royal Blue Gulls Flock includes an exclusive FREE Mystic River National Champions Full Zip Hoody and Championship Rugby Ball for all participants!

We will not be offering ANY of these items for sale so the ONLY way to get them is to be a member or The Flock!

We would like to thank the following current participants of THE FLOCK.

Royal Blue Gulls

Andrew Burns Jim Calmas Jay Dacey Skip Heffernan
Jeff Laflamme Terry O’Donnell Rick Rudolph David Rudzinsky
Fran Russell Ben Wallace Steven Whitney Brett Willis
Jon Feldman Sam Anderson

Golden Gulls

Chris Carter Marcos Flegmann James Molignano

Silver Gulls

Michael York Phil Baker-Coe Paul Bourdon Anthony Cipriani
Thomas Clark Philip Crawford Jay Dacey John Daley
James Devir Patrick Doherty Dale du Preez Kenneth Fagan
Larry Feldman Brent Goldstein Kenneth Gordon Peter Haxton
Douglas Hansen Rei Hayashi FX Jacoby George Johnson
Thomas Kenslea Joseph Kimemiah Walter Lyons Don Madden
Mark Miliotis John Milkiewicz Alec Montgomery Paul Murphy
Evin O’Driscoll Declan O’Riordan Joe Raczek David Robertson
Michael Rudzinsky Daniel Schleifer Christopher Shepard David Siegel
Doug Smith-Peterson Nick St. Germain Mortimer Sullivan Richard Tardits
Thomas Thekaekara Craig Weeks Matt Wilson

Please help drive the ongoing success of the Mystic River Rugby Club by joining The Flock. You may choose to pay for your subscription through perpetual monthly donations until you cancel via PayPal. (Anonymous donors are welcome!) Thank you and GO BLUE!!

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