NERFU U19 Wins Potomac Challenge Cup

The New England U-19 Men’s team, with Mystic River’s Alex BrussardMichael Rudzinsky and Dimitri Efthimiou, went 4–0 to win the 2009 Potomac Challenge Cup at Founders Field in Pittsburgh, PA. Saturday’s wins included 14–7 vs Minnesota, and 31–5 vs EPRU.

Sunday saw the team get past PRU, 24–5, to set them up for the final against MetNY. Despite the low score, play went up and down the pitch in a defensive struggle that saw the teams even at 5 at the end of regulation time. In the single 5 minute extra period, MetNY touched down and converted to go ahead 12–5 with slightly more than 2 minutes remaining.

Almost at the end of the period, NERFU stole a MetNY lineout, and, with quick ball through the hands, touched down to give them a chance to tie.

The conversion was good, sending the game to kicks at goal, with Brussard sealing the win with his 22-meter drop kick.

Mystic River Rugby Club’s Dimitri Efthimiou was voted MVP of the tournament.