Mystic Nation Victorious!

MALDEN, MA – After two weeks on the road, this past Saturday saw a great outing for the Mystics back at Pine Banks. It was a gloriously sunny day and enough Mystics were present to have two full squads of fifteen along with some much-needed subs. Despite early mention of “Six Packs vs Bad Backs”, wiser heads managed to convince the young bucks that it would be unfair to put all the experience on one side of the pitch, so the Mystic Blue and Mystic White teams included players from multiple Mystic eras. The game involved a lot of back and forth with many long runs and deep breaths on both sides. Even more surprisingly, the game was delicately poised with only a minute left to play: Mystic White were up by two points and the Mystic Blues could almost taste a come-back victory. The Blues managed to snatch the ball away from the Whites, but almost immediately spilled it back again, giving the Whites a chance to sneak in for the game-winning try to win 48-39.

The afternoon closed off with a cookout at the East Side, where the large contingent of players and supporters enjoyed a great barbecue put on by Chris O’Donnell. It made for a wonderful close to a day where Mystic Nation undoubtedly came out on top, even if the Mystic Blues are still mumbling about their loss.