Mystics Honored at Winter Party

BOSTON, MA – A number of Mystics were honored at our annual Winter Party, which was held at Anthem on February 1, 2014. The evening saw a more informal tone than in years past, but it was great to have the Mystic community come together for a celebration of Mysticism.

The awards for current players were as follows:

MVP Backs Mike Armstrong
MVP Forwards Joe “Hollywood” Shurmaitis
Most Improved Player Mark Hatch
Bart Brennan Rookie of the Year Tim Holkenborg

In addition to playing awards, the club also honors Mystics who contribute to the club off the field, and this is our main chance each year to recognize Mystics who do that little bit extra for the club and for the larger Mystic community. It truly is an honor for us to share this year’s non-playing Mystic awards:

Cliff Whitehead Old Boy Award Ted Vassallo
The Cliff Whitehead Old Boy Award is given to the Old Boy who keeps his boots ready and makes his presence felt at all Old Boy games. While Ted stood down as Mystic President last year, he stayed heavily involved as Old Boy captain, and was an all round supporter of the club as well as the Old Boys. He has continued to be a mainstay of the club, despite having a completely different title, and is a thoroughly deserving recipient of the award.
Max Schlieffer Supporter Award David Kimemiah
The Max Schlieffer Award is given to the person who gives most selflessly to the team, whether that be on or off the field. David’s tireless work in filming many of the team’s fall games made a huge difference to the way the Mystics approached their entire Fall campaign. The club as a whole owes David a huge debt for his contributions. He even managed to make sure that the award stayed in the Kimemiah family!
Ron Prime Award Ben Wallace
The Ron Prime Award is the Mystics’ most important award, and is given to someone who has made a habit of giving selflessly to the club over a long period of time. Ben has served in the thankless role of Treasurer for all too many years, and has ensured that the books for both the main Mystic club and the Foundation are in order. His behind-the-scenes efforts often go unnoticed by many in the club, but his continued contributions make him a thoroughly deserving recipient of the award.