Mystic Barbarians Kick Off in Style

The Mystic Barbarians ignored the heat in their first outing of the season, and beat Burlington by 78-8 at Pine Banks.

The game started on very promising note, with the Mystics forcing a turnover that led to a try within seconds of the opening kickoff. The Mystics struggled to build continuity early on, and managed to get a few more tries in, but none were from structured phase play. The heat contributed to the Mystics losing some of their discipline, and they managed to pin themselves in their own half through a number of repeated infringements. Burlington only managed to extract three points from the Mystic’s lapses before the Mystics managed to produce another try from turnover ball. As the game wore on, the visitors struggled to match the Mystics, who piled on the points to run away with a huge victory. Burlington have made playoff runs in recent seasons, so this is a really promising start for the Barbarians.