Concord Wealth Management Seeks Rugby Talent

We’re excited to be working with Concord Wealth Management, and wanted to share the fact that they are specifically seeking out members of the rugby community to join their team. They’ve provided more details below, but we wanted to make sure that the greater Mystic Family was aware of Concord Wealth Management’s commitment to the Mystics and the broader rugby community. We are also working with Concord Wealth Management on some other projects, so stay tuned!

Do you or someone you know have what it takes for a career in financial services with Concord Wealth Management? You probably do!

Here are three reasons why:

  1. Rugby players are driven
    One unique benefit of a career in the financial services industry is the opportunity to build your own business. Your success is determined by your drive, ambition and goals. As an athlete, you’re already driven to succeed — both on and off the pitch.
  2. Rugby players know how to perform under pressure
    It’s not always easy to handle the fast-paced world of financial services. Clients rely on their advisor through good and bad times. Fortunately, you have experience performing under all types of conditions. And we have the products, services and support you need to deliver when the pressure’s on.
  3. Rugby players are motivated
    To really succeed in our industry, you can’t wait for success to come to you. You need to be on the move, finding new opportunities to reach out and help clients plan for their financial futures. Staying motivated is the key to being productive!

Concord Wealth Management is seeking highly motivated individuals in the rugby community to join our organization to learn the financial advisory business and to build a practice of their own. Those selected will be provided with start-up capital, sponsorship for licensing, and have access to our team of sales and marketing specialists. We offer a comprehensive and ongoing training program that uses a combination of classroom, virtual, and one-on-one, on the job training.

Click here to apply or to learn more: