Support the Mystic 7s at Nationals

MALDEN, MA – For the second straight year, the Mystic 7s squad played through some of the toughest 7s competition in the country en route to the 7s National Championships in Denver, CO over the weekend of August 13-14.

The Monsters from Malden are looking to improve on their top 3 finish in the 2015 tournament, and see if we can claim a 15s and 7s double for the Mystics. As always, competing on the road comes at a high cost, especially in the wake of our Championship-winning trip to Colorado in June. We are hoping that all members of Mystic Nation can contribute some small amount of money towards the trip.

We are running an IndieGogo campaign to raise funds:

We are accepting donations of all amounts in our quest to raise $6,000 for the trip, but are offering some special rewards for donations over $100 – follow the link to see the details.

Above all, please share the campaign details with as many Mystic and rugby supporters as possible!

Let’s get behind our boys as they go for the Championships!