Mystic River Rugby Club 2022 AGM Recap



Thanks to all of our Exec Board members and coaches for your continued service to the club over the past year and as we continue to move forward as one of the top clubs in the country!

This year’s AGM was very encouraging as we finally flipped it back to a lot more current players than old boys! Excited to have some young players stepping up to join the Board and help a solid core of returners that understand the changing landscape of club rugby and have many years of experience running the club.

I want to give special THANKS to Brett Willis, Ben Wallace and Craig Weeks. Brett just finished a 3-year term as Trustee after being involved as President and really leading the club for so many years. He has been the catalyst for the growth of the club to get to where we are today and will always be part of our club leadership. Big Thanks to Brett!!

Ben Wallace gets the “Dave Hayes Outstanding Treasurer” award for being committed to the Finances of the club over an incredibly long period of time. And doing an excellent job. Ben has always stuck with Mystic even as he’s been off starting another youth rugby program closer to his home. Well done. And we look forward to having him transition to Boggs while continuing to advise the club. Thanks so much Ben!

Weeksie stepped up and led the Mystic Youth Program for the past few years and really kept the program growing and moving forward with so many kids coming through and the addition of new teams like High School Girls. He’s been responsible for lots of rugby, smiles and fun over the past few summers. Weeksie has been part of the club forever and we look forward to hopefully having him continue on in a Youth position as we build out a Board dedicated to Mystic Youth Rugby. Thanks Weeksie!

Very excited to share the results of last night’s election with one hole as we are looking for a Marketing Director. I would like to once again thank and congratulate those re-elected and those stepping up for the first time. Attached is the Club Review presented before the elections. Anyone interested in Club Marketing or have any other questions or comments please send to



President – Dave Rudzinsky (re-elected)

Vice President – Nick St. Germain (re-elected)

Treasurer – Connor Robinson

Secretary – Ken Fagan (re-elected)

Club Development Director – Omar El Hout

Marketing Director – OPEN

Youth Rugby Director – Mikey Rudzinsky

Player Development Director – Kayne Bubb (re-elected) & Kyle Ciquera

Ombudsman – Mike Moscaritolo

Old Boy Captain – Joe Shurmaitis

Fixture Secretary – Jon Fonvielle (re-elected)

Field Secretary – Jon Gurczak (re-elected)

Equipment Secretary – Joseph Kimemiah (re-elected)

Social Secretary – Mani Young

Social Media Officer – Kaemon Hiraki

Charitable Director – Matt Kaltenbach

Recruiting Officer – Phil Baker (re-elected) & Justin Johnson

Board of Trustees – George Johnson (joins incumbents Fran Russell & Kevin Lyons)