3rd Straight Win for Mystics

MANCHESTER, NH – Despite being down 14-10 at half time, the Mystics were able to keep the ball close and drive at the line repeatedly in the second half. Amoskeag’s defense held up well but eventually the Mystics were able to score. The Mystics finally took the lead 25-22 with six minutes left to play. Mystic winger Adnan Kawuma scored a 50 meter break away try off of a loose ball on the final play of the match to pad the final score and collect the bonus point.

Later that day, the Mystic 2nd XV also extended their own winning streak to three. Constant pressure shattered Amoskeag’s defenses, producing multiple tries for the young and blood-thirsty Mystic side. In their last three matches, the B’s have dominated their opponents outscoring them 124-15.