Mystic Defeats #4 Baltimore Chesapeake

BALTIMORE, MD – The Mystics dug deep and survived a scare against eRugbyNews #4 ranked Baltimore after losing a seven point lead as regulation time expired. In overtime, the boys didn’t panic and returned to the game plan, responding early with a Matt Digby try to take the lead back. Baltimore responded with a penalty kick to come within four points.

Again the Mystics found themselves defending their own goal line with no time on the clock but deployed an attacking defense and turned the ball over to kick to touch and secure the win 25-21.

Now the Mystics will travel to South Carolina in three weeks for their second straight Sweet 16 appearance and hope to get a strong Mystic contingent there for support as they battle for a spot in the National Final 4!

Mystic 2nd XV Make Stand Against Baltimore

BALTIMORE, MD – After nearly five hours in the hot Maryland sun, the Mystic B’s took the field against a Baltimore side looking for some payback.

The match was a back and forth contest with converted tries from Dimitri Efthimiou, Matt Fideler and rookie Chris Tagliavini keeping the Mystics ahead on the scoreboard.

With their tanks running on fumes and the final whistle inevitable, the Mystics made an impressive goal line defensive stand, stopping wave after wave of Baltimore attackers to take the game by a narrow 21-19 margin.

Mystic 3rd XV Make Debut

PINE BANKS – The Mystics 3rd XV made their debut this weekend against Suffolk Law.

The squad consisted mostly of rookies with a splattering of veterans and even a few Old Boys, including the father-son combo of Mikey and “Buzzy” Rudzinsky.

The Mystics were able to hold their own throughout the match, giving the fans some edge-of-their-seat excitement, never giving up but eventually losing the hard fought match 0-3.

Pine Banks Park Cleanup Sunday 4/19

We need all the Mystics we can get (young and old) this Sunday at 1pm to help do our part to clean up Pine Banks Park.

We are privileged to be able to play on what is far and away best pitch in New England. Part of this privilege is to take a little time out of one day each season and help keep the park clean.

Please show up at 1pm with work gloves and ready to go. We also need as many coils of garden hose as we can to fill up the scrum machine.

Thank you in advance to all of you for making the time to help out in this very important way on Sunday.

See you on Sunday.


Teddy V
Mystic River Rugby Club