D1 Squad vs the Wolfhounds

We are proud to announce the D1 squad that will be competing against the Wolfhounds in tomorrow’s match at the Irish Cultural Centre in Canton, MA.

The official squad is as follows:

1. Chris O’Donnell (Norwich)
2. Mike Bozza (University of Massachusetts)
3. Luke Schlotman (Plymouth State)
4. David McKenna (Springfield)
5. Joseph Hastry (University of Massachusetts)
6. Jon Kokinda (Bloomsburg State)
7. Joe Shurmitias (Wilkes-Barre)
8. Sean Rafferty (Stony Brook)
9. Gabe Perrone (Tufts)
10. Rob Malneek (Tasman Makos, New Zealand)
11. Steve Dazzo (Dartmouth)
12. Evin O’Driscoll (University College Cork, Ireland)
13. Alatasi Tupou (Vaiala Rugby Club, Samoa)
14. Kris Raso (Rowan University)
15. Jared Collinson (Springfield)

16. Adam Tafau (Takapuna RFC, New Zealand)
17. Mike Rudzinsky (South Carolina)
18. Nate Fox (Plymouth State)
19. Mike Armstrong (Plymouth State)
20. Diego Maquieira (Northeastern)
21. Martin Keuchkerian (Montevideo Cricket Club, Uruguay)
22. Todd Theodat (University of Massachusetts)
23. Andrew Burns (Catholic University)

Please see our official Facebook event for more details.