2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Results

Mystic River Rugby Club recently held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, May 19th. Thanks to all those who held positions during challenging times. The club is grateful to come out on the other side of this global pandemic in better shape than could have been expected.


Although club members were unable to meet face-to-face, marking the 2nd consecutive year we’ve resorted to Zoom, thanks to everyone that joined to let their voices be heard and their votes counted. Here are the results of the AGM, with a few vacant positions still available.


President – David Rudzinsky

Vice President – Nicholas St. Germain

Treasurer – Ben Wallace

Secretary – Ken Fagan

Club Development Director – Michael Rudzinsky

Social Secretary – TBD*

Fixture Secretary – Jon Fonvielle

Equipment Secretary – Joseph Kimemiah

Field Secretary – Jon Gurczak

Marketing Director – John Daly

Social Media Officer – TBD*

Player Development Director – Kayne Bubb

Youth Director – Craig Weeks

Charitable Director – TBD*

Recruiting Officer – Phil Baker-Coe

Ombudsman – Nick Fujiwara

Old Boy Captain – Ken Fagan

Board of Trustees – Fran Russell (joins incumbents Kevin Lyons & Brett Willis)


If there is any interest in the vacant positions, please reach out to Buzz at drudzinsky@gmail.com